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If you are planning a trip to Melbourne, it is most likely a trip once in a lifetime; You will want to experience everything that this incredible city has to offer. Reducing your list to some things can be difficult. Here are the best attractions in Melbourne.

Melbourne City Circle Tram. A great way to know Melbourne. A bright burgundy tram runs daily in the Melbourne circle, passing through many attractions and also on board comments. The tram is a free jump. The Melbourne Circle tram operates every day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and until 9:00 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during the day.

Melbourne attracts those who set the trend thanks to the clubs and metropolitan bars with jazz music. Often, you can see people driving through the city in luxury cars, such as Mercedes and limousines. Melbourne is famous for the social atmosphere and the camaraderie that can be found in restaurants. Guests can also participate in the wines of famous and world-famous Australian wineries. Many sports fans live in Melbourne and enjoy cricket, tennis and many other sports.

Australians enjoy outdoor activities: diving, skiing, hiking, climbing, and camping. Melbourne also hosts the annual exhibition of flowers and gardens in Melbourne. Many music festivals, art exhibitions, and other popular events often visit Melbourne. Many residents watch the Australian Grand Prix every year.

Beaches of Melbourne Located in the bay of Port Phillip, Melbourne has several attractive beaches that can be easily accessed from the city.