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A pre-purchase building inspection is a one on one inspection of the property before you acquire it. The main purpose of this is to ensure that the potential buyer, will be getting a good house, that is free from structural damage, and pests. No one would wish to purchase a house only to find out a few months later, that a lot of money will be spent on repairing and restructuring the house. However, there are a few things that every buyer need to understand about pre-purchase building inspection.

A building inspector assesses the value and safety of a property. This entails assessing the ceilings, kitchen wiring,doors,the type of roofing, window spaces, and gutters, among other things. The building inspector should understand, all the building codes, and should be in a position to explain which regulations are or are not followed. Generally, this professional understand how to point out things that the ordinary person might miss.

It is advisable to have an independent third-party to inspect the property, to prevent self-conflicting reports, this can be achieved by hiring a professional building and pest inspection firm to perform the task. This way, the report that they will provide after the inspection will be accurate and it will be a good basis for informed decision making. Remember that the buyer’s main concern is to be to find out if there are any issues that could affect its current market value, or even cause harm to its dwellers.

Finally, the buyer should ensure that the firm he/she hires, is licensed and insured, this way, the inspector can be held liable for any false statement in the report. Keep in mind that the buyer’s decision on whether to buy the building or not relies on the inspector’s report. Hence, the inspector must be experienced and provide accurate information.