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Small savings accumulate quickly, whether you would like to stretch your budget further or only want to save money for something special.


It is called bargain hunting for a reason, locating the best price sometimes takes more time but with the right knowledge you can become a superb savings expert.


If you do not cook for yourself it is time to learn! Download some recipes and work out your favorites. Any leftovers can be your lunch the following day. Much cheaper (and healthier) than eating out or takeaway all of the time. Websites such as Student Thoughts have over 5000 economical and simple recipes — created for students by students.


Your local Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern food shops have a great deal of interesting selection and are much less expensive than the big supermarkets. Discount supermarkets such as Aldi offer big savings also.


Markets are a terrific source of cheap fruit and vegetables and if you shop at the end of the day you can pick up some amazing bargains.  Check out MyMoneyHouse for some additional tips on how to save $$.


Best Tip: Always have a shopping list while food shopping rather than go on an empty stomach — you may buy everything you see.


Explore your campus — your student union will have a number of free events or student specials.


Most bars around Australia have deal meal deals. Specials will be available on various nights such as’2 for 1 Pizza Thursday’ or’ Parma and a Beer Tuesday’. Also, most bars will have a couple of hours during the week known as the’Happy Hour’ when they offer discounted drinks. Keep your eye out for the specials boards out the local pubs to find out what they offer or check out sites like The Happiest Hour.


Best Tip: We do not recommend buying too many’Happy Hour’ drinks just as they’re cheap. Binge drinking isn’t just bad for your health, it is also really bad for your wallet. You won’t save money if you decide it is a excellent idea to get drinks for all your new friends at the bar!


Exploring your new city does not need to cost a great deal of money. Some parks have BBQ facilities so that you can consume a feast. In the summertime, going to the beach is a superb day out but remember to take your sunscreen.


This is a superb way to immerse yourself in local culture and history.


Websites such as LastTix and Smarttix are a excellent way to find discounted tickets to most of the hottest live music shows and theater events so you do not have to pay full price for a big night out.


Many cinemas have a cheaper ticket choice for a student discount or a discount day (often a Tuesday) meaning you can go to the films for as little as $8. That leaves you to purchase popcorn, but if you’re on a very tight budget, stop at the supermarket on the way to purchase your own snacks. Should you bring your own, you probably need to pop them in a backpack so you don’t look too affordable.


Gumtree also sells all sorts of furniture and it’s always worth checking out the neighborhood opportunity stores for a pre-loved bargain. Bear in mind you will often have to organize your method of delivery when purchasing furniture this way.


Many significant appliance stores will provide substantial discounts if you’re paying with cash. Bartering abilities will sometimes also be convenient!


‘Hard rubbish’ times occur in all major metropolitan areas — that is when householders put their unwanted products (not crap — despite the title ) out front of the home so the city council could pick this up. This happens usually a couple of times per year in each region and is a excellent time to roam the streets picking up all types of useful products for your residence. This is a classic Aussie means to furnish University share homes so don’t be concerned if you’re feeling weird looking through somebody else’s throw aways. You can discover more by Googling’hard crap’ in your area or check out Facebook groups such as Hard Rubbish Melbourne.


Best Tip:’Hard rubbish’ times in the wealthier suburbs have the best finds!