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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not something to be taken lightly. It is SEO that determines the future of your business. With the best SEO agency, your company gets opportunities that would not have existed otherwise.

The SEO industry is becoming competitive, with small and large SEO firms popping up every day. It has become more intimidating and challenging to distinguish quality SEO Melbourne agency from pretenders. Here are some things to put into account when looking for your perfect SEO agency.


1. Define Your SEO Goals

To get the right team, you must consider the areas of your online presence you want to improve. Conduct a digital marketing analysis if you can’t tell the specific area of your company’s online presence to be improved.


2. Company’s Specialties and Services

When hiring an SEO agency look at their website whether they specialize in a given industry, service or location. Also, have a look at their awards and certification. Have a look at the SEO company’s past work. If it is not on their website, consider asking them for their portfolio.


3. Reference and Reviews

Look at what the company has done in the past. You can get the company’s reviews on Google, Facebook, and portfolios of digital agencies websites such as Clutch, Design Rush, and UpCity. Get first-hand testimonials about the company by contacting its past clients. Ask their clients what they love about the company and what they think the company should improve on.


4. the Company’s Ethics

SEO companies are structured differently, ask them how they assign their specialists to clients. Go for an SEO company that assigns one SEO specialist to one client to avoid confusion and miscommunication of having more than one primary contacts within the SEO company. Ask who will be in charge of your account and whether the company follows SEO code of ethics.


5. Fees and Contracts

You get what you pay for and going for cheap should not be your interest. Ask how much you’re to pay, how to pay and how often. You can also ask for the process of canceling a process to avoid future frustrations.


6. Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a meeting with the company before signing any deal. You can even ask to meet the person who will be working on your account.