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What is covered under a house & contents policy’?

Among other things, a policy usually covers:

  • Your residential construction, such as garages
  • other constructions such as your backyard shed and fences
  • domestic fixtures — things permanently attached to your home or outbuildings (e.g. built-in closets, air conditioner, kitchen cabinets, dishwasher, fixed floor coverings (except carpeting ), awnings, in-ground swimming pool)
  • permanent structural improvements (e.g. a home expansion ).
  • What is covered under a’contents’ coverage’?
  • Furnishings and furniture
  • computers and electrical appliances
  • kitchenware
  • clothes and sneakers
  • personal effects such as jewelry, sunglasses and cameras (if you need your mobile items to be insured when you take them away from your house, you will need to acquire additional Personal Effects Cover.
  • Fixed rugs and carpets
  • internal blinds, curtains and window coverings.


Is my house covered for floods?

  • Flood Cover, which covers your home contents and building for damage or loss due to flooding rivers, creeks, lakes, dams and other bodies of water.


What else is covered? –

  • Bikes
  • clothes
  • jewellery/watches
  • musical instruments
  • photographic gear
  • sporting gear

Before you insure your jewellery we urge getting it valued.  It is very easy to get a quote online for home & content insurance.


Notice that some mobile things, like cellular phones and Laptops, are only covered if they’re damaged or lost inside your house by an insured event.