What Not to Wear to The Melbourne Cup Races

What Not to Wear to The Melbourne Cup Races

It’s that time of the year when Melbourne Cup Races are approaching fast. It’s time give some serious thought to what you’re going to wear.

Race days are a fabulous opportunity to really go to town, dressing up and having a fun day out, but make sure that you don’t upset the fashion police. Should men really wear hats? What about hemlines – how short is acceptable?

Cindy Newstead, Melbourne’s Leading Personal Stylist say’s, “remember to be smart, stylish and comfortable – then the only thing you’ll have to worry about is picking a winner”.

Instead of risking an uncomfortable day dressed inappropriately, here are a few tips about what to avoid in order to feel comfortable and stylish. This will enable you to pay full attention to what really matters, the race horses!

melbourne cup

1. Remember – You’re Not Going to a Nightclub

Follow this rule and you won’t go far wrong! If you would wear it to a nightclub leave it at home. Men need to make the effort with a shirt and tie – jeans and t-shirts simply won’t do.
Ladies, that satin mini skirt might look awesome on a Saturday night out clubbing but for a day at the races? Forget it!

2013 Melbourne Cup
2013 Melbourne Cup

2. Comfort Comes First for Feet

This is a trap we can all fall into. If you have a nice new pair of shoes be sure that you’ve worn them before putting them on for a full day at Flemington. The fact is that if they feel a little uncomfortable when you first put them on, they’ll be unbearable after you’ve been on your feet for an hour trackside. Even the most stylish shoes don’t look attractive when you’re hobbling around with blisters.

3. Badly fitting clothes

If your waistband is a little tight and you are being strangled by your collar you’ll soon not only be uncomfortable but also look a bit of a mess. Make sure that your clothes fit well so that you don’t spend the day worrying about breathing in or that your strapless dress is going to fail.


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