Melbourne Home Show 2017

Melbourne Home Show 2017

The Melbourne Home Show (which is also called the HIA Home Show) takes place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and is a large exhibition that relates to all home and garden things.

During the Melbourne Home Show customers are introduced to the market’s best new products and provided with expert tips on home maintenance, DIY projects and design.

The exhibition is ideal for those individuals who are interested in design or wanting to renovate. You will have the ability to directly engage with individuals on different subjects including landscapers, interior designers and builders.

The exhibition has several different seminars scheduled, and attendance is free for all of them. Attendees are seated on a first come first basis, so you need to get there early in order to secure your seat. For people with specific questions, a free 20 minute appointment is offered with an expert.

In addition, you can discover new and creative ideas for your backyard and home, including the most recent innovations in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as to tricks and tips to make your next renovation project easy to complete. There will be numerous giveaways and prizes, so during the exciting event be sure to visit the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

For people who are interested in attending more than one day of the exhibit, you can go to the Home Show’s information desk to get a complimentary return ticket. Food and drink can be purchased inside of the venue, but there isn’t a cloakroom facility that is available.

Taking the tram is the easiest way to reach the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre. Catch the number 12,109 or 96 tram and exit at Clarendon Street. Or from Flinders Street Station you can walk along the Yarra for 10 minutes. If you are doing to drive, five car parks are available near or inside the complex. For pricing details, check with the individual car parks.

Some of the Businesses that will be at the Home Show this year include the following:
Sydney plantation shutters

Design Plantation Shutters

Design Plantation shutters is a shutter supply and installation company based in Melbourne. The latest window fashion trend taking Melbourne by storm is plantation shutters. They are a shutter made from a hard material like timber or plastic (pvc). They look timeless, yet modern and are very versatile in that they go with any decor. They also have the added ability of being very functional, they are easy to operate and with the flick of a finger you can configure the lighting of a room in the day-time with ease.

These shutters are a great way of giving a facelift to old, drab windows, as they fix to the frame and cover up older style windows that can date a house. Add this to painting the walls and replacing the flooring for a fool-proof way to modernise an old house instantly without too much effort.

Aaron from Design Plantation Shutters Melbourne says that plantation shutters are certainly not going away any time soon.

9 Flooring

This Australian company specialises in producing decoration and building materials as well as associated services. Their products include ceramic roof tiles, hand-made art mosaics, tiles and flooring. The company has focused on personalised decoration styles and provided professional services and advice on customised home renovation for other 20 years, making them the perfect partners for Australian builders and consultants.

AllClear Leafguard & Gutter

Their superior gutterguard is made out of Colorbond Steel. The AllClear Leafguard is installed onto existing gutters, and fits underneath a iron or tiled roof, to prevent overflowing and leaf-blocked gutters. Keeps vermin and birds out, ensures clean tank water and helps to protect against ember attacks.

A Grade Finish Canopies

This company custom designs and manufactures stainless steel Commercial Splashbacks and Canopies, Domestic Kitchen Rangehoods and BBQ Rangehoods. They stock GasMate, Grandfire and Beefeater BBQ’s and bar fridges and can when packaged together can offer great pricing!

What Not to Wear to The Melbourne Cup Races

What Not to Wear to The Melbourne Cup Races

It’s that time of the year when Melbourne Cup Races are approaching fast. It’s time give some serious thought to what you’re going to wear.

Race days are a fabulous opportunity to really go to town, dressing up and having a fun day out, but make sure that you don’t upset the fashion police. Should men really wear hats? What about hemlines – how short is acceptable?

Cindy Newstead, Melbourne’s Leading Personal Stylist say’s, “remember to be smart, stylish and comfortable – then the only thing you’ll have to worry about is picking a winner”.

Instead of risking an uncomfortable day dressed inappropriately, here are a few tips about what to avoid in order to feel comfortable and stylish. This will enable you to pay full attention to what really matters, the race horses!

melbourne cup

1. Remember – You’re Not Going to a Nightclub

Follow this rule and you won’t go far wrong! If you would wear it to a nightclub leave it at home. Men need to make the effort with a shirt and tie – jeans and t-shirts simply won’t do.
Ladies, that satin mini skirt might look awesome on a Saturday night out clubbing but for a day at the races? Forget it!

2013 Melbourne Cup
2013 Melbourne Cup

2. Comfort Comes First for Feet

This is a trap we can all fall into. If you have a nice new pair of shoes be sure that you’ve worn them before putting them on for a full day at Flemington. The fact is that if they feel a little uncomfortable when you first put them on, they’ll be unbearable after you’ve been on your feet for an hour trackside. Even the most stylish shoes don’t look attractive when you’re hobbling around with blisters.

3. Badly fitting clothes

If your waistband is a little tight and you are being strangled by your collar you’ll soon not only be uncomfortable but also look a bit of a mess. Make sure that your clothes fit well so that you don’t spend the day worrying about breathing in or that your strapless dress is going to fail.


Melbourne Bike Sharing Industry Boom: More Operators Entering the Market

Melbourne Bike Sharing Industry Boom: More Operators Entering the Market

More Bike-Share Operators Looking At Melbourne

There are three new bike-share operators that are looking at Melbourne, with all of its hundreds of oBikes scattered all over the city.

It was confirmed by Town Hall that Ofo, a Beijing-based company, along with two other bike-hire services are in talks already with the city council.

According to the Herald Sun, the other two companies that are hoping to get set up on the streets of Melbourne are Reddy Go and Mobike.

Last week Ofo started its first service for Australia in Adelaide, but is looking to expand into Sydney and Melbourne.

This multi-billion dollar corporation has three million of its yellow bikes in over 50 cities in China.

In August, Reddy Go dropped its first couple hundred red bikes in Sydney out of its expected 6,000 GPS-tracked bicycles.

Beijing-based Mobike operates across China and is now also set up in Washington and London.

Users of the bike-share programmes download an app onto their smartphone. It shows where the closest bicycles are located. The bikes are unlocked using an ID or QR code. A majority of the services offer bikes for around $2 per 30 minutes.

Melbourne’s city council is working on operating guidelines with oBike, in hopes of avoiding the bikes cluttering footpaths, parks and streets.

bike share clutter

According to a spokesman, no formal arrangement have put in place yet with the other three dockless bike sharing companies.

The council spokesman say that all dockless bike-sharing companies had been informed that they don’t want them operating in their municipality unless a memorandum is signed that shows they understand the agreed upon operating standards.

The spokesman added that the City of Melbourne, Ofo and two more dockless bike-sharing operators that have shown interest in setting operations in Melbourne are in the early communication stages.

Like oBike, they have also informed Ofo and the other two operators that a hazard can be caused by too much clutter and, in those cases, the hazard will be removed in order to maintain public amenity and access.

The city council last week 30 oBikes off for metal recycling following the fact that operators did not claim the confiscated cycles.

Out of the original 1,250 bikes that have been delivered to the streets of Melbourne since just, as many as 15 per cent have been vandalised.

Last week Nial Finegan, chief executive of the Environmental Agency, met with oBike managers, and give the EPA the task of raising their game when it came to the dump bikes.

oBike bikes in river

Mr. Finegan state that oBike also would be taking steps in order to prevent bikes getting left near or at the Shrine.

Last week in Singapore, bicycle sharing operations were informed that geo-fencing technologies needed to be adopted to ensure that their users park in designated areas.

Measures were introduced by local authorities in response to bike that have been haphazardly parked that have been blocking access and cluttering the city.

Asbestos Removed from Melbourne Tram Sub-stations

Asbestos Removed from Melbourne Tram Sub-stations

Melbourne has had it’s fare share of asbestos tragedies in the past, but this controversial substance has managed to creep it’s way back in to the building industry through poor quality control in material selection and vetting of suppliers.

In Melbourne, there are four new electrical substations with asbestos flooring imported from China. Yarra Trams rushed to secure the four sites after testing found that there is a small risk of exposure to the deadly substance.

Last year, 3 modular electrical substations were built in the CBD, East Brighton, and Thornbury. There is one which is still under construction in West Brunswick. All these substations have white asbestos flooring banned in Australia in the year 2003.

In mid-September, Yarra Trams was told about the illegal presence of asbestos. After receiving this information, it issued a legal notice to show cause to Siemens which was the company contracted to build them. Siemens then subcontracted the work to Adelaide based Robin Johnson Engineering.

asbestos disposal melbourne

Chinese Company Deceived Australian Engineering Firm

Last month, it was found out that Robin Johnson Engineering used asbestos materials in 2 new electrical substations in Adelaide. This is an emerging trend that has made Australia’s Asbestos Safety and Eradication state that this was only the tip of the iceberg.

Robin Johnson who is the company’s managing director said that Siemens and Yarra Trams were notified as soon as the asbestos was found.

He also said that the Chinese supplier had misled his company. However, he refused to give the name of the Chinese supplier.

The South Australian company has claimed that the Chinese supplier had deceived them by providing documentation that the flooring material they delivered was asbestos free.

Yarra Trams testing found that asbestos was present in 7 out of the 24 swab samples from substations Elizabeth Street in the city, Brighton East, and Thornbury. However, it returned a negative air sample.

Thornbury residents complained that the substation built last year had taken up a large chunk of a children’s playground and a small local park.

On Monday, contractors who are certified for asbestos removal Melbourne commenced the safe disposal of the materials wearing full protective equipment and following safe procedures.

Phil Altieri who is the tram division secretary of the Rail, Tram, and the Bus Union said it was extremely disappointing to discover that asbestos was installed even after there was a major program to eliminate it from the tram network in the 1990s.

Simon Murphy, the spokesman or Yarra Trams said that the company had the sites inspected by independent experts who concluded that the risk of exposure to people who enter the site and the general public is negligible.

Nature Calls – Melbourne Nature Based Activities

Nature Calls – Melbourne Nature Based Activities

If you are more of a nature lover – here are some awesome activities outside the CBD that you can do around Melbourne.

Squeaky Beach

Lots of folks love going to the beach, but the sounds aren’t usually the main attraction. This isn’t the case at Squeaky Beach, where the unique composition of the white quartz sand gives every step a delightful sound. Beautiful rock formations north of the beach also provide one of the region’s best locales for finding wild wombats.


Mira Mira

Looking for a getaway that’s something different? Head to Gippsland and check out the retreats at Mira Mira. Each of the two-bedroom units in the complex is a fantastic dreamscape composed by a talented artist. Take a vacation from normalcy and experience what it’s like to live inside art.

Meet A Platypus

The platypus is an iconic creature that’s well known both inside and outside Australia’s borders. If you’ve never met one face to face, you can correct that oversight by visiting the Healesville Sanctuary. The Sanctuary’s platypus pool offers you a decidedly hands-on encounter with the platypus, and you’ll be free to play, feed, and cuddle them to your heart’s content.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Thermal springs always make great tourist attractions, and Mornington Peninsula boasts the country’s only natural heated mineral springs. The healing waters of the Springs come out of a pure water source nearly half a kilometre beneath the Peninsula, and you can take full advantage of a whole range of day spa services if you choose to unwind by taking the waters.

Pine Mountain

If you’re looking for a challenging outback trek, make your way to Pine Mountain in the Murray Region. The core of the mountain is a gigantic granite monolith that, if unearthed, would be even larger than Uluru. Bring your best hiking skills if you intend to climb the mountain – it’s not a trail for first-timers!

Tree Surfing

Have sharks put you off the idea of hitting the waves on the beach? You can still get a thrilling day of exercise at this aerial obstacle course sited on the Mornington Peninsula. With courses divided into five tiers covering more than 50 different individual obstacles, you’ll be sure to find something challenging and rewarding.

Herring Island

A perfect target for a modest boating excursion, Herring Island is well worth a visit when you’re in Downtown Melbourne. This man-made island in the Yarra River is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. Natural beauty abounds, and you can also spend quite a few hours exploring the stone sculpture park housed on the island.

Nine Levels Of Darkness

If you’re curious about what’s beneath the surface, there’s no better way to satisfy your interest than a trip to the Central Deborah Gold Mines. This historic mine was a mainstay of local production during the Gold Rush, and today it’s preserved as Australia’s deepest underground tour. The trip will take you over 60 metres beneath the ground – not recommended for the claustrophobic!

Bay Of Islands

Located just past 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, the Bay Of Islands is a terrific coastal park that can provide you with some of the best beaches in the region. They’re often uninhabited, which makes it easy to enjoy some time on your own.

The bay’s topography leans heavily towards steep cliffs and high rocks. There’s a boat ramp available, but keep in mind it’s very steep. If you visit in the right season, you’ll get a look at some of the area’s most beautiful wildflowers.

Tower Hill

Not far from the Bay Of Islands, you’ll find Tower Hill. This geological formation is the remnant of a major volcanic eruption that happened over 30,000 years ago. The funnel-shaped valley this eruption carved out is now home to an island-filled lake and numerous creeks.

More interesting to visitors, Tower Hill is also a national park that boasts some outstanding wildlife. The valley’s kangaroo population is roughly 200 animals, and there are also echidnas, emus, koalas, and a variety of waterbirds.

City Dwelling – Melbourne CBD Activities

City Dwelling – Melbourne CBD Activities

Here are some terrific City based sights and activities to occupy yourself with the next time you swing through Melbourne CBD.

Tram Sessions

A unique fixture of the Melbourne tram system, Tram Sessions is a musical organization that’s dedicated to hooking up local musicians with free mobile shows on trams all over the city.

Running into Tram Sessions isn’t easy to plan out, but if you happen to see a crowd of folks unpacking acoustic instruments in your tram car, you might want to skip your scheduled stop and hang on for the show.

Pop Up Patch

Check out a little bit of Melbourne’s environmental spirit at this community garden housed on the rooftop of the carpark at Federation Square. Pop Up Patch is a growing concern – in more ways than one – that specializes in providing the public with personalized vegetable-growing plots right in the heart of the city.

The Patch currently boasts more than 140 individual plots housed in recycled apple crates, and the vast majority of them are available for leasing.

Silent Cinema

A clever idea that’s well worth a look, the Silent Cinema is a regular feature in Southgate. The intimate screening room seats just 60 people, but the big attraction here is the venue’s headphones-only policy. You’ll be provided with a personal set of headphones so that you get the perfect mix of big screen visuals and stereo sound without any distractions from your fellow cinephiles.

Switchboard Cafe

The best part of a vibrant downtown is the little treasures you find tucked away. They don’t come any littler than the Switchboard Cafe, located on Collins St. This micro-restaurant prides itself by operating out of a storage cupboard. Seating is, as you’d expect, minimal, but the quality of the cafe’s coffee is tough to beat.

Mailbox 141

Another downtown mini-attraction that’s worth a quick look is this pint-sized gallery on Flinders Street. Converted from a bank of mailboxes in a foyer, now this piece of variable installation art showcases a splendid range of local artists’ works in its glassed-in cubbyholes. Featured artists change frequently, so stopping by every few months is a great idea.

3 Great Melbourne Video Tours

3 Great Melbourne Video Tours

This amateur video shot by a woman who lives in a Melbourne apartment. Something about this video really pulls me in, it really feels like Melbourne, the good and the bad.


This next video is a bit more professionally shot, but from the first person, it doesn’t have narration, but the video creator does a great job of showcasing new and old treasured of Melbourne CBD.


Anyone who has ever looked for travel tours on YouTube, will always come across Expedia’s videos. This video is highly narrated and gives you a real plan for your week in Melbourne.